Amazon Echo Tech Support

What is Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker or voice command tool which is cylindrical in shape, 3 inches wide and nine-inch height, basically having an array of seven microphones that is mainly designed to listen the voice command such as “Wake Word” and respond to the voice command.
Amazon Echo can be used as a speaker through which we can able to play music. The user can also use it to set the alarms, create a to-do list, and ask for real time information. Amazon Echo also controls the smart electronic home devices such as Philips Hue light system. Set up the Echo and play the music through it. Let discuss the physical device, its features and many useful buttons and so on. If you are not able to connect your Amazon Echo device with your smart home appliances, then make a call on Amazon echo customer support phone number 1-844-714-2888 and we will furnish the excellent solutions at affordable cost.

There are 3 things which are built into the echo you can use it, Microphones button, Action button and volume ring. We have emphasized on the volume ring through we can turn up/down the speaker and adjust the volume according to requirement. The volume of 100% which means loud the volume and turn the volume down.
Let’s take a look on how to setup the Amazon echo device, configuration and do the things you can do through.

Unpacking and Setting Up Your Echo

Firstly, unpack the Amazon Echo device and plug in the Echo. Download and install the Amazon Alexa Application from the App Store (iOS/Android).

Plug in the Amazon Echo device. The indicator flashes up the rotating blue color around the top of the device and then switch to the rotating orange color which indicates that it is ready to configure with Wi-Fi information. When you miss the window and it automatically flashes up the rotating purple color the means the device start complaining. At that time, hold down the action button until it turns to orange. If you want to turn down the volume then go to the top of the speaker and turn down the volume. If your echo device is not showing the rotating blue color on the top the speaker, then don’t panic, Amazon Echo support teams will provide you a reliable solution.
Once the Amazon Echo is in Orange Configuration mode, then take out your Smartphone and open the Wi-Fi settings. But the Amazon Echo need to connect directly ad-hoc during the Configuration process to input configuration info.
Go to the Echo Wi-Fi connection, which would be similar as “Amazon-53N” as shown in below and connect to it. The app will take you immediately to the Configuration process but tap the menu icon which is situated on the left top corner of the app and go to Settings.

After going the setting menu in the app, then select one of the two things: if we directly purchased the Echo device from Amazon account then we can say (Name) Echo and select. If we got the echo as a gift or won it then select “Set up new device”. To getting the solution related to Amazon echo, Amazon Alexa Tech Support will be available for you.

Once you reach this point, then connect to the Echo’s ad hoc network and with the application is running. Log in with your Amazon account through your login detail and agree to Alexa user conditions and select your Wi-Fi network from the list of networks.

Once you have a login with your login credentials now you are ready to use the Echo device. Now on the Following section, we have discussed how to talk to Alexa.

Summoning Alexa

The Amazon Echo is programmed with a response “Watch Word”. By Default, the name is “Alexa”. When you say the “Alexa, then you can see the rotating blue light around the top of the Echo device.
For example, after setting up the Amazon Echo device then simply say “Alexa, How fast is the car? To which Alexa respond with answer “The Average speed of the car is 24km per hour”. To stop the Alexa device, then simply say “Alexa, Stop”. But some of the time, we ask from Alexa to do things that take it to lots of chatters, music, and noise then it means we definitely quiet it down.

Music Playlist

The user can play the music through the speaker. It is one of the most fun and by default, your Amazon Echo is tapped into Amazon Prime Account and give the grant to access the purchased music from Amazon and from a vast library of free Prime music.
Issue the command by saying “Alexa, Play Holi song” and Alexa will respond to your command by spinning it up and play the Holi music from music playlist. Through Prime music system, you can create our personal playlists and call those list by say such as “Alexa, Play the Tom cruise playlist”. Know about how to add the music into music playlist, call quickly on Amazon echo customer support number.

Inquiries, Conversions, and Trivia

The most important thing is to ask the question from Alexa. You can issue the question command, it will either immediately respond to your query or if the query command is not available in their database. If it will in its database then it will give the answer what you have asked.
We can ask the weather report of a particular city, Amazon echo can solve the mathematic problem easily, a query to Wikipedia and so on.

Shopping and To-Do Lists

You can make the shopping list and to-do list which you want to do. You can simply add the things into your Shopping list and after that set the reminder.

Adding the items to the Shopping list

“Alexa, add [item] to my Shopping list”
Alexa, read my shopping list.

Adding the items to the to-do list

“Alexa, add [item] to my To-do list”
Alexa, read my To-do list.
It’s very easy for Alexa to read the lists to us. Whatever item you have added to your respective lists which automatically stored into the app.

Customizing Your Echo Experience
To customize your Amazon Echo device, Open the Alexa app and select the main menu and go to Setting where you scroll down to set to search “Account” section. You will get the option for various things such as Music, Flash briefing, Sports updates, and another set to get the route detail in order to reach the destination, get the traffic updates, calendar date and you can hook with your home smart devices.

You want to get the daily news updates from NPR news , then Go to Setting and then click on Account and go to Flash Briefing, as shown above, turn on the NPR and BBC news Off. If your turn on the both news in order to get the news from both the BBC and NPR news.
For know more about the Amazon Echo device, then call immediately on Amazon Echo technical support phone number. Our professional team will always be there for 24*7 hours and will help you out from echo issues. Don’t worry, call immediately us for getting instant assistance.