NVidia Shield Tv Support


Amazon NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV streaming Box which provides the amazing streaming TV that includes the amazon video, and more 4K with HDR features. It is streaming beast, smoothest and fastest 4K HDR video. It furnish the infinite application and entertainment. Not as many 4K & HDR application and not access the first tier games without streaming from Personnel computer. Voice search and interactivity from controller. You will get the google Assistance. Amazon Nvidia customer support will provide the effective and efficient solutions.

NVIDIA has a power to control it with your voice – soon even home. It’s game changing device which is 3 times faster than the other competitor. The Android TV isn’t most diverse, it has capability to handle all the media task along with your high speed gaming end.

NVIDIA SHIELD furnish the amazing Ultra High Definition streaming media player and amazing picture/visual quality with ultimate 4K resolution in favorite apps such as Netflix, VUDU and YouTube having controllable brightness features, color and provide the detail of High Dynamic Range(HDR) in Netflix. It furnish the true home theater experience at home. Plug in the headphone onto the SHEILD controller in order to listen privately experience.

It includes the in-build Google Voice search facilities which fetch the result what you want. You need to do is to ask for a particular application, videos, games and all. No need to write the thing what you want. Just simply say, “Show me great serial” or “show me sport movie”.

It provides the High Dynamic Range features which means you can see the colors, detail and brighter images. 4K HDR furnish the good, sharp, high quality images which contains the full of rich colors. Do you want to get more information related to Nvidia Shield TV? then directly contact with NVidia Shield Tv Support.


Get the fastest streaming in order to access the movies, show and play games. NVIDIA has built the most advanced mobile Processor. Now you can see the free streaming channels such as your favorite music, sport score, weather report, and news and so on. Control the lights and home appliances.



does everything from high streaming 4K TV shows and movies in order to play high speed games in Android which included Shield Controller. When NVDIA Shield TV has been designed with such a standard version.

Shield Android TV and shield Android TV pro having Android TV 7.0 Nougat Google Cast OS and 3 GB RAM (Random Access Memory). 16 GB adoptable Storage over USB are available in Shield Android TV whereas Shield Android TV Pro having 500 GB Adoptable storage over USB or microSD.

About the storage space

16 GB of internal storage is available and 500GB of hard drive which gives you the storage to install as more games as you can and can store variety of media as you want. If you can’t able to store the data then immediately contact to Nvidia Technical help support for getting the help related to Nvidia device.

The new Shield Pro comes with the new original remote having rechargeable batteries and headphone jack which is provided for private listening.

So Nvidia Shield TV v3.0 firmware/6.0 Android Update. When you are experiencing bad then try to make a call on Amazon Nvidia Shield TV Support to get quick and reasonable solutions related to Nvidia issues.

Following are the some issues, you might face in future

  • New “Nvidia HDMI Services stopped” error message has shown.
  • Google Play store break down.
  • Shield controller is misbehaving
  • Struggling various issues of storage
  • Shield is not turning on from sleep
  • Remote Volume is lagging up. Not freezing or struggling with the sound issues.
  • It would get freeze and start working again suddenly.

But sometimes many of you are not aware of above issues. If you are not able to find the solutions for all above Nvidia issues. But the customer need to call on Amazon Nvidia technical support number and will get the instant and reliable solutions at affordable price.